Tim’s Birthday

Many people helped us celebrate Tim’s 60th birthday, so I thought I’d post a few pictures from the day.  We started before breakfast,Tim with stack of cards with a pile of cards and gifts on the table for him to open – a real treat!  Considering most mail has taken 3-6 months to arrive, it was wonderful to have two sets of visitors offer to carry cards, gifts, and birthday supplies in their luggage.

IMG_2048 baked oatmeal smallAfter an urgent request on Facebook, I had the recipe for baked oatmeal – a favourite of Tim’s, and something we had not made here.  Tim has a large cup of Starbuck’s coffee (thanks!), baked oatmeal, and is reading the BBC news on his iPad – a regular routine for Saturday mornings.

Tim ended up going in to work for about a half-day at the hospital, which gave him the opportunity to greet our newest visitors – including some from CURE HQ, who were in on the birthday surprise – it was fun, that he had opened so many cards and gifts before he saw them.IMG_2049 dinnerpartycopy

Saturday evening, we enjoyed dinner with two other couples, missionary friends we have met here.  We didn’t tell them it was Tim’s birthday, but they guessed, when they saw all the cards on display.  We had birthday cake, with candles, served on “Happy Birthday” plates and napkins – thanks, HH!!

IMG_2054litcake copyThanks to everyone who sent cards, gifts, party supplies, and emails, and extended birthday greetings to Tim on Facebook – he had a great celebration!



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