IMG_1644 copyJust recently, the hospital had to move its large water tower.  This is a 50,000 liter storage tank, on a 10 meter tall metal tower.  Water is pumped up out of the borehole (well) and stored in the tower, then it is pumped down into the hospital, through a series of pipes.  The hospital has seven main buildings, plus a Guest House, smaller buildings, landscaping taps, etc., so there is a network of underground pipes supplying these locations.IMG_1640 copy

While the large tower was being emptied, cleaned, moved and refilled, we used a smaller tank connected to the same borehole, and hooked up to the same underground pipes.  IMG_1648 copyThe larger tank was moved to a different place on the hospital grounds so new pipes had to be laid to connect it to the existing network.IMG_1646 copy  This is all done by hand, with trenches being dug with pickaxe and shovel.  When the time came to hook up the water, we had to borrow a large wrench (“spanner”) from the IMG_1638 copycompany that moved the tank, to connect the giant pipes.  All of this work had to be coordinated with the surgery schedule, patient and staff needs, as well as the crane rental company.  Later, sand filters were added to both tanks, to correct for the amount of silt that accumulates – up to 12 inches/month!


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