Staff Devotions

We have devotions every morning at the hospital.  IMG_1260On Mondays, Tim and I are part of a group that meets in one of the waiting room areas in the Administration building.  This is a multi-disciplinary group of employees, representing nursing staff, administration, housekeeping, human resources, Cure Clubfoot, the OT (OR), and the spiritual department.  Someitmes we go through a specific study, and sometimes one of us leads a discussion on a topic of his/her choice.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the departments meet for devotions.  I have not been at the hospital recently on a Tuesday or Thursday, so I can’t offer much insight into those meetings, but I know that Tim meets with others from the admin department.  Once a month, the admin group leads a devotional time on the Children’s Ward, so the guardians can participate.

choir copyWednesdays and Fridays are OPD singing2 copyhighlights – hospital-wide chapel services.  Generally, we start with singing – sometimes led by one of the women on staff, sometimes led by our choir.  The staff have great voices, fun clapping rhythms,  often there is a call-and-response, and I believe it is a foretaste of heaven!

Periodically, throughout my week in Lusaka, I want to pinch myself – I can hardly believe that Tim and I are actually living in Zambia.  This occurs occasionally during traffic, seeing the creative manoeuvring that goes on.  Sometimes looking at the trees and sky, remembering our premarital counselling 35+ years ago that was actually our minister’s reminisces about his time in Kenya.  Sometimes it is at a shop, when I am told that some staple item is “finished” and no-one knows when it will be restocked.  But most often, the “pinch me” moments occur during worship – in chapel or church.  I am delighted that Tim and I are having this opportunity!!

You, too, can hear the sounds of one of our chapel services, recorded on a staff member’s camera (not great sound quality) by clicking on this link:


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