My Birthday in Zambia

Just before our one-year-anniversary-in-Zambia I celebrated a birthday here.  Actually, the day before my birthday, I ate lunch at a food fair that is held every Friday at the American school.  I had a delicious burrito, but 5 hours later, was violently ill – and continued to be ill for about 12 hours.  Then, on my birthday morning, I was just weak and tired and had a headache – not exactly fit for a birthday brunch!

So Tim and I celebrated a week later, by going out to a farm/cafe/shop Tim at Sugarbush gate Sugarbush front garden just outside of town, called Sugarbush Farm, and Design House Cafe, and Jekyll and Hyde leather shop.  There are lovely flower gardens surrounding the building, and vegetable gardens in the back and side.  The cafe is on both the front and back porches, and the gift shop is inside.  We looked around at the gardens, ordered our food, and sat on the back verandah, in the shade. Sugarbush front porch Tim and Lis at brunch Afterwards, we went into the shop and chose some Christmas gifts, as well as as a new purse for me.  Poor Tim – I spent quite a while, finding just the right size, color, decorations, etc.  I want to be a small-purse kind of woman, but I carry so much stuff around with me, I opted for the larger size!Lis with purse

On the way to and from Sugarbush, we drove along a “diversion” – what we would call a detour – but doesn’t “diversion” sound like a lot more fun?!  We drove on a dusty dirt road parallel to the main road.  One truck was driving down the road anyway, but had to stop to move the rocks at every intersection – which are placed to prevent cars from driving along the road!  We have seen cars and diversion crossroadtrucks driving along blocked-off roads every time – making me want to follow them, while my law-abiding husband is more content to follow the road signs.  Apparently I’m not as interested in being “diverted!”